Meet Rayki Tai - NYC / NJ Life Coach/ Social Media Manager / Author

Rayki Tai is the founder and CEO of The Refinement Agency, a premium life coaching company specializing in social media management, career advancement, business coaching, couples coaching, and personal development.

 Rayki is a sought after life coach creating an exceptional client experience for individuals, couples, and organizations.

Rayki is also the founder of The Black Culture Blog and The Black Health Blog. 

The Black Culture Blog is an inspiring and informational online platform curated for the advancement of people of color. Black Culture Blog provides pertinent educational opportunities, business and career resources, and entertainment information as it relates to the black community.

As an extension or complement to the Black Culture Blog, Rayki also founded The Black Culture Boutique. The Black Culture Boutique is a specialty boutique that showcases the work of unknown black designers around the world.

The Black Culture Boutique gives worldwide opportunity to artisans in remote African areas with fewer sale options and prospects. Showcasing these particular designers of color aims to assist in furthering their pursuit of financial freedom. The Black Culture Boutique offers an array of African inspired fine leather goods, t-shirts, accessories, apparel, home goods, and footwear.

The Black Health Blog is an informative resource for readers to obtain valuable information to improve their health naturally. It helps connect the dots between debilitating health conditions and the foods we eat. The Black Health Blog also supplies information on businesses that offer natural heath foods, vitamins / minerals, juice bars, and vegan restaurants in various cities around the country.

As a life coach, Rayki Tai derives great satisfaction by inspiring men and women with a simple transformational framework. She equips clients with the tools needed to create a purposeful life and a meaningful and profitable business.

Rayki is a transformational coach and author that delivers tangible takeaways easy to implement that produce sustainable results. She connects with any audience – on many levels – with a relevant message that resonates beyond the stage. Rayki serves as a guide and catalyst, challenging people to positively change the trajectory of their lives, health, careers, and businesses. 

Rayki has quickly become one of the region's most sought after black public speakers and natural health coaches in NYC, NJ, and Philly due to her range in discussion topics. She is well versed in communications on:


  • Marriage / Relationships
  • Health - Natural Healing 
  • Career Advancement
  • Reinventing Yourself
  • Goal Oriented Personal Development
  • Sexual Harassment & Retaliation
  • Domestic Violence 
  • Confidence Building

 She has worked with over 100 organizations and has impacted even more people through her online presentations, training, and seminars.

Throughout her own life, Rayki mastered the art of reinventing herself. She took the necessary skills from each chapter in her life to elevate the following chapters in her life. Combined with her professional education in Communication, Law, Life Coaching, Image Consulting, Public Speaking, and Event Planning, Rayki's life path uniquely qualifies her to provide valuable transformation where it's needed most. Rayki is able to navigate through a wide range of seemingly difficult situations with extraordinary results.  

Rayki is a result of both public and private school education in the United States and Nigeria. With a focus on Communication, Rayki is an academic scholar who consistently performed at the highest levels.  She further honed her speaking skills with the world-renowned motivational speaker, Lisa Nichols and is a proud member of Lisa's speaking "tribe.". 

Rayki has been dubbed "The Masterplan Queen" and "The Master Change Agent"  and was also appropriately named "The Confidence Builder" by the domestic violence outreach center, Harmony House in South Florida. 

When Rayki is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two beautiful daughters. She enjoys cooking, photography, music, volunteering, and creating memories for a lifetime. 

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