A Career Coach to Refine Your Ratchetness

Tempers Block Blessings

As multi-dimensional people, we all have various moods, attitudes, and behaviors that can limit our success. 

However, it's important to realize that not every action deserves our reaction. We must master the art of emotional intelligence to achieve our goals in life.

In any business industry, it is critical to create a brand that is marketable with a solid reputation.

It's not uncommon for creative individuals to be emotional souls with temper issues. Don't let your temper block your blessings. 

Our Strategies Work

If you recognize that your chill button is broken and your behavior is limiting your success, let The Refinement Agency get you on the winning track to the prosperity you deserve.

Artist Development


The Refinement Agency is particularly skilled in the art of the reinvention. Our leading music career coach specializes in image consulting, artist development, targeted social media growth, and overall media rebranding.

Vocal and Music Production

Founder, Rayki Tai, has worked closely alongside her husband, IllieSwitch, in the music industry for the last 14 years writing, producing, developing, and licensing.

The Refinement Agency has the winning strategy to help you find your sweet spot when creating music. From vocal arrangements, music production, and selecting award winning tracking engineers, The Refinement Agency is your one-stop shop for creating a remarkable and profitable sound.

Why Do I Need Artist Development?

Years ago, music labels invested significant amounts of money for the development of its artists. Those days are long gone and labels now expect music artists to completely develop themselves. For struggling independent artists, the music industry is oversaturated. In order to stand out ahead of the pack, you must have star quality with a polished look and sound. Stop wasting money on the things that do not change the direction of your path.  

The Refinement Agency finds your place in the industry and gets you there. STAT. 

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When keeping it real goes wrong, The Refinement Agency got your back.