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Social Media Management


Our Social Media Management division incorporates social media marketing, social media content creation, and brand creation. With a specific concentration on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, Rayki Tai has excelled at creating content for social media that gets the result clients need. 

Rayki strategically schedules client posts for maximum exposure and brand recognition. Her creativity knows no bounds and she is purposeful and precise in hitting all established goals.

Couples Coaching


Our relationship coaching services in New York and New Jersey include a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities. This is followed by an actionable plan with timelines and milestones.

 This is also offered to single clients who are having trouble finding a desirable mate. They are looking for better than they've had in the past but keep finding the same types that don't mesh with the person they are becoming. Relationship coaching helps to avoid dating the same negative types over and over again.

As you become better, you want better. You deserve better. Therefore, with The Refinement Agency, you will have better.


Business and Career Coaching


Career mentors capable of profound transformation are crucial to your path to success. That's why The Refinement Agency is committed to giving each of you the time and guidance you deserve to reach your full potential.

 When seeking a strategic alliance with the right career coach or mentor, The Refinement Agency is your one-stop shop.

As a certified image consultant, certified life coach, and social media expert, Rayki will work with you to create and refine your plan for success through an intensive rebranding system from the inside out.

Do Better. Love Better. Live Better.

Who / What

Rayki Tai, aka "The Master Change Agent" and founder of The Refinement Agency, is a leading certified image consultant and transformational life coach in the New York / New Jersey areas. 

Rayki specializes in relationship coaching, career coaching, workplace sexual harassment case building/ filing/ mediation, and confidence building.

As a public speaker, Rayki has the kind of presence and delivery that captivates an audience. She is genuinely connected and her passion for helping others unmistakably shines through.

Rayki provides you with the tools you need to recreate the greatness that is already within you. She is committed to providing integrity based service with the utmost confidentiality.

Rayki Tai gives a voice to the voiceless and courage to those in fear. She is deliberate in her approach, in her planning, and in her execution. 

Rayki Tai is undoubtedly a champion for women across the globe and the secret weapon everyone should have in their arsenal of success. 


Through Rayki's work, she is able to refine the lives of The Refinement Agency's clients to achieve extraordinary growth and accomplishment.

With Rayki's guidance, clients emerge from a place of uncertainty and despair into a euphoric place of purpose, hope, and continuous success.

By identifying key components in a client's life that may be hindering their growth, Rayki is able to strategize and create actionable master plans for forward movement and ongoing success. 

The satisfaction of using her education and lifelong experiences to improve the life of others is immeasurable for Rayki. That is the fuel that heats the fire of The Refinement Agency.

Why Choose The Refinement Agency?

  1. Serious Savings = Increased Value
  2. Various Coaching Options Tailor Fit Just For You
  3. Super Easy Process

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Rayki  Tai Celebrity Relationship Coach, Certified Career Advancement Coach NJ

Chris & Tasha

"Rayki has been instrumental in the success of our marriage for at least 7 years. We are much more patient with each other and have learned better communication habits because of Rayki."

Elizabeth M.

"When I first met Rayki, I was at a crossroads in my life and I just knew I needed to make a major change. Rayki's guidance really shaped the person I have become today. I am forever grateful."

Lauren S.

"Wow. Where do I start? In a nutshell, Rayki was my secret weapon in my battle against my former employer. She helped me focus on the victory ahead and that made it seem almost easy. Thank you, Rayki."

Monique & Gary W.

"Before we met Rayki, we were fighting like cats and dogs. Rayki really put things in perspective and helped us realize our greatest weakness was communication. It took someone kind, yet authoritative, like Rayki to get us to listen more than we talked to each other. Rayki is a true gem."

Jessica P.

"When I turned 40, I was no longer happy in my career. I was still working at a job that was more suited for my 20 year old self. I was miserable and didn't know how to move forward. Then I met Rayki and it all changed. She pointed out the things I should "refine" and her system really worked. I am now a successful entrepreneur happy to work as much or as little as I want."

Heather T.

"I am so grateful I found Rayki and The Refinement Agency online. She is so accommodating and open. In the first 15 minutes of meeting each other, it felt like we had known each other our entire lives. She not only helped me rid myself of the toxic relationship I was in, Rayki also helped me reconnect with my self-worth and confidence. I have finally found the man of my dreams and the kind of love I never knew existed.The process was life-changing."


Marriage / Relationship Coaching


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Business and Cereer Coaching


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Social Media Management


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Public Speaking


Rayki Tai is among the leading black female speakers in NJ / NYC. As an additional vehicle for her expert consulting, Rayki is available for public speaking in large conventions, seminars, workshops, and television.

Her wide array of speech topics include, but are not limited to, sexual harassment in the workplace, racial discrimination, reinventing yourself for success, career advancement, domestic violence  and the effects the epidemic has on children, marriage and relationship coaching, and autoimmune health and wellness.

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Wokplace Sexual Harassment / Discrimination


Long before the #MeToo movement, Rayki took a stand against sexual harassment and the hostile work environments that accompany that type of behavior. Rayki Tai has fought workplace sexual harassment and discrimination time and time again with purely positive results. Emerging as a winner in the fight against workplace sexual harassment and discrimination, Rayki’s efforts led to significant policy change in organizations across America.

She is an incredibly creative strategist with unbeatable courage and the winning skills for success.

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Group Coaching and Seminars


The Refinement Agency offers comprehensive and interactive group coaching sessions designed for full impact with reduced cost.

Participants will have the option to participate as much or as little as they'd like and the opportunity to engage in real time using brand new skills and approaches. 

Group Coaching provides a high energy, motivational experience strong enough to unlock the abundance in your life. 

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